Livestock auction calculator an app for farmers

Perhaps you have been to an auction and found the auctioneer difficult to follow. Generally auctioneers speak very quickly. Sometimes you are trying to calculate costs and miss information.

Luckily we have the answer. This is a calculation tool for use at livestock auctions. Specifically, it will quickly calculate the price per kilo or lb. of livestock lots. The app has number wheel as an aid. Essentially this help buyer to keep up with the auctioneer’s call.

Helpfully the app displays the price per kilo on your phone. This is calculated on the estimated weight of beast with a 10% leeway. Additionally the auction calculating tool keeps track of purchases along the way. You always know how much your purchases will be.

Effectively it makes auction calculations easy and fast giving you the advantage at any livestock auction.

Because people in several countries have bought it we now include rate of exchange calculations. The app uses metric and imperial measure.

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