Why Smarter Apps and Brain Games?

Hello! A bit about me and Smarter Apps and Brain Games (updated June 2019).  I am based in Far North Queensland. For an online business, location is not so important but this is certainly no Silicon Valley. Here are a few of the creatures we see from our office window!


making mobile apps

I have been a mother for over 20 years. I have run my own business for over 20 years. As I was very disorganised in having my children I  managed to go for 20 years with always having at least one child under school age. Oldest is now 23 and the youngest 7.  My youngest and very very definitely my last child started school in 2016. Although I knew this would not give me total freedom as I still had 3 school-age children at least I would have more time! (YAY).

Why 2016?

So that year I decided to totally dedicate myself to developing and marketing the apps that I love to make. I had so many ideas just running around my brain. I knew I would have to keep running my existing computer repair business.  At least for now as it does pay the bills but it is not something I can feel too passionate about. I started writing apps about 3 years ago in my (ha ha) spare time, mainly to see if I could and secondly to provide some decent educational apps for my kids – apps that aren’t full of cartoons and saying SUPER! or AWESOME!

What now?

So with the help of my mother who has been in the computer industry forever doing the Illustrator and Photoshop bits (also a brilliant help with looking after the children) we have decided to create truly uniquely Australian apps mainly for the education of kids but with other ideas brewing inside my little overworked brain. Three years on, the apps are still a work in progress but it is progress.

We have had apps on the Apple Store for three years and recently we have put our Letters and Numbers App on the Google play store so we can serve Android Phones and Tablets as well as IPhones and IPads.

We are trying to improve our selling skills and to use social media more. Learning more about keywords and site optimisation is a challenge but NEVER GIVE UP!

Thanks for reading (If anyone did).