Practice Spelling Words Online

Practice spelling words with this online spelling app. Designed to give you a taste of the full app available for free download on App Store and google play store. This online app also has times tables and other maths tables, designed to help with weekly school homework tasks. Thousands of grade 1 through to grade 6 appropriate spelling words are provided. Timed multiplication, addition and subtraction tables are also provided in this app. Up to four different users can be added and progress is recorded to track spelling and math improvements.

Practice Spelling Words Online and Timed Addition, Subtraction and

Multiplication Tests

The Spelling Bee and Times Tables app also provides timed test for multiplication, addition and subtraction. Recorded best times is a great incentive for your child. Try to get your child to beat their best times as fast mental arithmetic is crucial to furthering the child’s maths ability.

Spelling words practice online – Do we need to still teach spelling?

Correct spelling is still important so the answer is yes. We now have computers and word processing programs with spell checkers. So some have queried the importance of teaching our children correct spelling.  Some educational reformists have suggested that focusing on spelling holds back the creative process of writing. They suggest and students will naturally develop skills through reading.

Why learning the times tables is really important

If you think about it, you use multiplication in your day to day life. When you go shopping, you often need to compare out the cost of similar items or how much it will cost to get multiple items. If you are cooking and need to make a double recipe you are going to need to know how to multiply and if you are at a shop and want to determine what type of discount you are getting you need to learn multiplication. Multiplication and maths is used whether you realise it or not almost on a daily basis.

 Spelling Bee and Time Tables will also soon be available on windows and Mac.


Practice Spelling Words

Practice Spelling Words