Livestock Auction Calculator

Cattle Auctions Calculator

Smartphone App for quickly calculating price per weight or price of units of lots at livestock auctions.

Cattle Auctions calculator came about when a local farmer came to me asking if I could write a simple app for him to use at the local cattle sales, which would quickly calculate the price per kilo of lots at livestock auctions. At most auctions the auctioneer works fast and furiously and sometimes it is very difficult to keep up with what is happening.

The app can keep track of how much you are potentially spending as it keeps a record of what you have spent so far.

I created the app for him then released it on the google play store for android and the ios app store for apple. Supporting all phones and tablets. I have since updated the app for the US market. It has also sold in African and European countries.

The app can calculate price per pound as well as price per kilo. In response to requests from users in various countries the app can now take different currencies and uses rates of exchange.




livestock auction calculator iOS app



1 thought on “Cattle Auctions Coming Up?

  1. Hi. Hope you are doing well. I am a cattle farmer in Namibia, Africa and I also buy cattle for export to South Africa for the feedlot market. I purchased your app a while back, but don’t hardly use it because of the limited reporting functionality in the View Transactions tab. I have a request/suggestion on this matter and tried to write you an email in this regard, but the mail came back undelivered. I used the address.
    I really like the functionality and ease of use of the app and if I could only get purchases grouped together in lots/locations and view transactions per lot/location, I would use the app all the time and have no need for my trusty pocket notebook and calculator.
    I really hope you will take the time to consider my request and send me an email so we can communicate regarding my suggestion/request.
    Kind regards.

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