After recent feedback suggestions the following changes have been implemented. Abbreviations and any proper nouns have been removed from the dictionary. A challenge word option has also been added. If you feel the word has been missed from the dictionary, we will check word with the online Oxford dictionary.  If challenge is successful, your score will be adjusted and the word will be added in future updates of the app.


In the popular word-based game “Countdown,” participants are presented with a selection of letters from which they must create the longest word. The game’s lexical component revolves around a set of allowed words, which are pre-defined words that players can use to score points. These words follow specific rules to maintain fairness and challenge.

Allowed words in Countdown typically adhere to the following criteria.

1. **Dictionary Inclusion**: Words must be found in a recognized dictionary,  such as the Oxford English Dictionary. This ensures that words are legitimate and widely accepted.

2. **Word Length**: Words should  contain a minimum of three or four letters. Very short words like two-letter words will be excluded to maintain a certain level of challenge.

3. **Plurals and Verb Forms**: Plural forms and different tenses of verbs are usually permitted, extending the range of word options. For example, if “run” is an allowed word, “running” and “runs” are also acceptable.

4. **Compounds and Hyphenated Words**: Many Countdown versions allow compound words and hyphenated words, provided they are in the dictionary. For instance, “mother-in-law” could be considered a valid word.

5. **Obscene or Offensive Words**: Profanity and offensive language are strictly prohibited in Countdown.

6. **Abbreviations and Acronyms**: Abbreviations and acronyms that have dictionary entries, such as “NASA” or “DIY,” are typically allowed.

7. **Names and Proper Nouns**: Names of people, places, and brands are usually not allowed unless they have established themselves as generic terms.

8. **Foreign Words**: Depending on the version and language used, some foreign words that have integrated into the language might be allowed.

Players are challenged to exhibit their vocabulary and language skills within these constraints. The allowed words in Countdown contribute to its appeal as a mentally stimulating game. The app combines language, strategy, and time pressure.   This provides an engaging and competitive experience for players of all ages.

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