Why learning multiplication is important

Why is multiplication important? – When I was at Primary school I remember learning my times tables bu chanting them out loud. I do not think schools do this anymore. However chanting out loud with my class mates worked for me.

Learning multiplication is an important foundation for working out functions of mathematics. It helps with division, algebra, long multiplication, and even fractions. For students who don’t have a solid grasp of the times tables, these other areas may be hard to understand. Lack of arithmetic skills makes it difficult for a child to keep up with the class. This can cause them to fail and fall behind. Using a calculator is not going to teach your child math and sometimes there just aren’t 30 seconds to pull out a calculator and figure out a problem.

Why learning the multiplication is really important

If you think about it, you use multiplication in your day to day life. When you go shopping, you often need to compare out the cost of similar items or how much it will cost to get multiple items. If you are cooking and need to make a double recipe you are going to need to know how to multiply and if you are at a shop and want to determine what type of discount you are getting you need to learn multiplication. Multiplication and maths is used whether you realise it or not almost on a daily basis.

What about calculators?

While calculators are great tools to use in school they are not the answer. Even when you use a calculator you should know if the answer is correct. You can do this by estimating. And to estimate you need to know your tables.

It can also take a lot longer to figure out a simple solution that could have been solved faster if your child had known their times tables. Relying on a calculator can also result in errors and in high school or on some tests, the use of calculators is not allowed.

Children need to understand the times tables and they also need to memorize them. They need to learn early on about the repetition of numbers and the addition of numerous numbers.


We memorise daily, but do you realise that your brain is like a computer. Whatever you put into it, will most probably remain there for a long period of time. You can choose to fill it with unimportant things, or you can fill it with skills that can be a benefit to you your entire life. Like multiplication. You will use this skill for as long as you live. Using and teaching your brain to memorize is probably the most important skill of all.

How you can help your child

We as parents can only fit so many things into our busy lives each day but just a few minutes each day in the car on the way to football training or shopping could really help with your child’s education. The app also includes spelling lists to be inputted each week from their weekly spelling list. Also has an option to email direct to teacher.

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