This is the letters game best players results for 18/09/2023 – letters and numbers countdown app

The Letters Game Best Players

Letters have a part in the Daily Challenge

The Daily Challenge is a competition against players worldwide.

Try to form a word from the nine letters you see on the screen. Gradually you will find strategies to help you work out the longest word.

Foe example if the letters t, i, o, n are there this may be the ending as in traction. In addition pick a starting letter and think of words it could be.

In the Full app version there are different levels and at Level one you can be more competitive against your device.

As you progress and gain skills there will be stiffer competition from your device.

Download the free app to practise some more.

If you play in free mode, you are not timed so can try to work out the word and develop strategies for solving the conundrum.

Free mode is a good way to find out how the different parts work.

 Download the free app to play against your device, your friends or others from around the world. View the stats page to keep track of your improvement progress.

You can also take part in daily challenges and therefore increase your word knowledge.

The app contains the other countdown games of Conundrum, Numbers and Wordmix which you may also enjoy.

We also have online examples of these games on this website

Download the free apple or google play app today.

Countdown Game App

countdown game app

Letters and Numbers Countdown is now available on Mac

You can download below

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