Word Scramble – Vocabularly Game

Play Word Scramble Vocabulary Gane and improve your English Language skills and general knowledge.

Fun to play and educational.

Become a Word Genius!

Improve your English! Download Word Scramble for free and try it out. The aim of the game is to unscramble the letters that appear on your screen and you are given a word definition or trivia clue to the meaning of the word. Word Lover General Knowledge App improves your anagram skills. If you like crosswords you will love this word game. There are five to nine letter words and there are five levels for each group of letters.

Initially, Level one (five letter words) is a simple way to start but you must achieve a certain percentage to advance to the next level.

However, If you are feeling confident you can start with eight or nine letter words. Basically this app improves your vocabulary, adds more words to your personal lexicon. As learning new words extends general knowledge, it can make you more articulate in conversation and communication.

 Word Scramble Vocabulary Game also has daily challenges and a leader board so you can match your skills against others all around the world.


The magic of English

Undoubtedly, the English language is a very rich language. It is claimed it is the richest language in the world. There are over 500,000 words compared to 100 000 in French and 185 000 in German. There are so many words in English to express slightly different meanings for the same action or object. The verb “to seek” can mean “to find, to look for, to ask, to demand, to probe, to delve into, to investigate” and many many more.

Improve your English and expand your world

Most of us have nowhere near a 500 000 vocabulary. But why not try to master new words, widen your vocabulary, add to your communication skills and become more articulate.
Word Scramble – Vocabulary Game can really help you to learn new words and challenge you daily. After a while of improving your vocabulary you will begin to see the patterns in the English language and eventually you may be added to the Word Genius Hall Of Fame.

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