Patricia Mannerstrale

Writer and Illustrator

Writer and Illustrator, Patricia Mannerstrale works with her daughter Catherine. They are producing apps for Apple and Android devices. As well she has made a start at writing e-books.

Because Patricia has lived in Far North Queensland for over thirty five years she has lots of stories to tell about life in rural Australia. So most of the stories have a factual basis such as when a carpet snake (python) fell down the chimney and into the hearth. Working with her daughter over the past three years she has contributed the graphics using Illustrator and Photoshop.

author and illustrator
Patricia with grandchildren Abby and James

Furthermore she enjoys writing blogs and e-books and has a lot of background knowledge to make the blogs interesting.

Published Books

Because she wanted to know how to put a book on the IPAD Patricia experimented with a book she already had – “Simplified Laws of Contract Bridge”. This she wrote for the local Bridge Club as a help for Directors

One book she felt she had to write was about her mother. When Margaret Heaton died in 2012 at the age of 97 there was so much to record.  “A Lancashire Life” is the name of the book and is a social and family history about the North West of England and the changes her mother saw over her 97 years.

The book is available as a hard backed and soft backed book on Amazon. And there is an e-book and pdf version available from the Blurb book store. Details are on

She published her first children’s book in September 2016 and it is called “Abby and the Carpet Snake”.

Patricia has lived in Australia since 1981 and before that spent three years in Papua New Guinea – another good source for stories. She was born and brought up in the North of England, worked as a teacher of History in the United Kingdom and Papua New Guinea. In addition in Australia she worked as a training consultant in Business Administration teaching computer software applications as well.

In conclusion she has three children and ten grand-children. Her second husband is Leif who is Swedish and was a Master Mariner. Because they have travelled widely Patricia has many stories to tell.

Patricia’s Blog