E-books fiction facts and hobbies

E-books fiction facts and hobbies represent our first ventures into ebooks. The topics are very varied and reflect the interests of the author. Abby and the Carpet Snake is fiction, A Lancashire Life is factual and Bridge Director’s Handbook reflects the author’s long interest in the game of Duplicate Bridge.

About the Author

e-books fiction, fact and hobbies
Patricia and Abby


Abby and the Carpet Snakee-books fiction facts and hobbies

E-books for 3 to 8 year olds. It is based on a true story. But it shows all  the animals and wild-life that are part of a child’s life when they grow up in the Australian Bush. The illustrations show the wildlife unique to Australia. So children learn about kangaroos and wallabies, goannas and echidnas, kookaburras and platypi. These are all found around the homes in North Queensland where four year old Abby lived at the time.

In addition the beautiful countryside of the Atherton Tablelands is also shown and we see some strange things happen!

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A Lancashire Life by Patricia MannerstrĂ¥le

Printed copies of the book are available from Amazon.

A Lancashire Life by Patricia MannerstrĂ¥le  Amazon

e-books fiction facts and hobbies

This book portrays almost a hundred years of life in the North West of England. It shows the changes from the First World War to the 21st century. It covers the life of a Lancashire lady born in 1915 who lived to 2012. Consequently it shows the way life changed from the terraced homes of industrial mill workers to life in a new millennium. The story goes from the depression of the 1920’s to the Second World War. We see the post second world war era of austerity, Finally we move on to the more prosperous times in the late 20th century.

There were many changes from the narrow facet of life in the back streets to travelling widely and experiencing much – a social and family history. Click on the link above to preview the e-book for ipad on Blurb publications.  A pdf version is also available from Blurb publications.


 Simplified Laws of Contract Bridge 2016

Click on the Kindle Link.  Simplfied Laws of Bridge – Kindle

simplified laws of contract bridge

A local bridge club I joined asked me if I would direct movements for them. There is a shortage of Bridge Directors at club level. I had directed previously at another club but although willing to help felt my knowledge of the Laws of Bridge needed to be improved and updated.  This was because it was over fifteen years since I had directed. I began by using a Word Processor to write out the laws of the most common calls to the table for the Director. Eventually this became a booklet of the simplified rules of Bridge. It is a condensed version of the regulations.

Interactive Use

I had the idea of turning the booklet into an ebook so it could be used on the IPAD and the Director could look up the reason for the call and with one touch find the relevant ruling or law. In addition I think the app could be useful for players wanting to know more of the rulings. In addition it would be useful for people beginning to direct as the most common reasons for calling in the Director are included. The laws of Contract Bridge are condensed and in a simpler form for Bridge Players and those beginning to direct at a club level. The entries listed are those laws which are the most common reasons for calling in a director, e.g. lead out of turn, insufficient bids, inadvertent bids, misinformation and failing to alert.

Using the Table of Contents, the reader should be able to touch the particular problem e.g. Psyche Bids and be taken to that page for more information.

The book is being revised to take into consideration the new laws of Bridge brought in in 2017.