Countdown Numbers Game

 Countdown Numbers game is a starter game to introduce players to its potential.

Firstly make a selection from the five choices at the top of the screen.  Next compose a sum with the numbers shown. However you do not have to use all the numbers or all the operators. Remember to use the brackets and what you learnt in school about BODMAS.  Click on the link to refresh your memory. You are aiming to get as close as you can to the target number. This is a basic representation of the countdown numbers game so you can get a taste of the full app.

 Download the free app to play against your device, your friends or others from around the world. To begin with place in Free Mode. You are not timed and can work out strategies for getting as close as possible to a correct solution.

You can also take part in daily challenges and therefore increase your word knowledge.

The app contains the other countdown games of Letters, Conundrum and Wordmix which you may also enjoy.

Download the free apple app countdown on the app store


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