Australian Memory Card Game

Children Learning Australian Flora, Fauna and Places

Australian Matching Game is an app for very young children just starting on the iPad. It is a uniquely Australian Memory game with Australian flora, fauna and places. The child clicks on a tile with an Australian flag and it turns over to show plant, animal or place. Young Australian voices say the name of the object. The child turns over other tiles until he can find a matching pair. A kookaburra laughs when there is a  correct result. There are three level of difficulty starting with only eight tiles. The game helps to develop a young child’s memory skills and teaches about the Australian environment at the same time.

App Mum developed Australian Matching Game with the help of three year old Abby, who said a lot of the words as she turned the tiles over. A genuine Australian accent! But easily understood. Her elder brother James also contributes to this family production. There are so many animals that are unique to this part of the world.


photo1024x748 Simulator Screen Shot 20 Jan 2016, 8.48.43 PM Simulator Screen Shot 20 Jan 2016, 8.48.33 PM Simulator Screen Shot 20 Jan 2016, 8.47.54 PM