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This is a new iBook on the iTunes store please follow the link if you think this may be beneficial to you or your club.

For use on iPad, iPhone, IPod.

download simplified laws of Contract Bridge

For use on android/Kindle

download bridge directors handbook

Why a simplified handbook?

I wrote this book when I was asked by my Bridge Club if I would direct movements for them. I had directed previously at another club. However the laws of Bridge are always changing.  So although willing to help felt my knowledge of the Laws of Bridge needed to be improved.  I had to update as it was over fifteen years since I had directed.

I began by using a Word Processor to write out the laws of the most common calls to the table for the Director. Eventually this became a booklet of the simplified rules of Bridge. It is a condensed version of the regulations. I had the idea of turning the booklet into an ebook so it could be used on the IPAD. The Director could look up the reason for the call and with one touch find the relevant ruling or law. I think the eBook could be useful for players wanting to know more of the rulings. In addition it is useful for people beginning to direct.  The most common reasons for calling in the Director are included.

The laws of Contract Bridge are condensed and in a simpler form for Bridge Players and those beginning to direct at a club level. The entries listed are those laws which are the most common reasons for calling in a director. These include lead out of turn, insufficient bids, inadvertent bids, misinformation and failing to alert.

Using the Table of Contents, the reader should be able to touch the particular problem e.g. Psyche Bids and be taken to that page for more information.

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